March 13 Mandel Communication to Students - Remote Learning Info and Instructions

Dear Mandel School students,

In response to the Provost’s decision to suspend in-person instruction until April 6, the Mandel School, working with [U]Tech, has created a set of simple instructions for providing remote instruction that will meet basic expectations for most courses and situations.

To allow for faculty to prepare for the transition to remote delivery of courses all classes (on and off campus) are canceled Monday and Tuesday (March 16-17). Remote education will commence Wednesday, March 18. If you have not heard from your instructor yet, we urge you to reach out to them by Tuesday morning (March 17) on how they will adjust your class to remote teaching. Class meetings should adhere to the regular class schedule. Students with approved accommodations should learn more from the Office of Accommodations and Testing.

The weeks of remote education also coincide with the summer and fall advising period and we urge you to reach out to your academic advisor for advice and consultation on registering as you would during normal operating times. The campus remains open and faculty can use offices to hold consultations. Zoom options are also available and can be used with internet access and/or a landline. Additionally, the Harris library remains open and can be used through remote access.

Questions for the dean’s office on these changes in field and remote education operations due to COVID-19 can be found on the Mandel School’s website.


Grover C. Gilmore, PhD
Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Dean in Applied Social Sciences

Sharon Milligan, PhD, MSW, MPH
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs