March 17 Mandel School Communication - Remote Teaching Support

Mandel School Faculty:

I want to thank each of you for your flexibility and hard work during this difficult time as we transition to a remote learning environment for the balance of the Spring semester. I know these are challenging times, but it only demonstrates the commitment of our faculty to meet the continued learning needs of our students.

The goal of this email is to check in with each of you to make sure you are ready to teach remotely and have all of the tools and resources you need, as you plan your classes for the remainder of the semester. As a follow up to Provost Vinson's email dated: March 15th, remote learning commences Wednesday, March 18th for all classes. As stated in his email, individual faculty members have the option of going into their on-campus classrooms to tape lectures (these should be individual-oriented activities and done only if activities can’t be completed at home).

To ensure you are sufficiently prepared to teach remotely, please make sure you have accomplished the following tasks:

  • Notified your students of the plan to meet remotely
  • Provided your students with the Zoom link to join the class
  • Informed your students of any modifications of course expectations (i.e. readings and assignments)
  • Received the necessary training to set up and record your Zoom session
  • Connected with the Lead Instructor regarding any questions regarding course content

For additional support from the Mandel School, we want to offer mentoring support as you think through the structure and delivery of your classes for the next few weeks. The following individuals have agreed to be available to you.

Please feel free to reach out to any of us should you have any questions or concerns.

Should you need technical assistance with Zoom or any other classroom related technology, please feel free to continue to utilize the University help desk at 368-HELP.

For additional support from the University, CWRU is setting up a virtual faculty and instructor lounge that will be monitored by both UTech’s Teaching and Learning Technologies’ and UCITE staff. This self-enroll Canvas site will allow you to continue helping one another and share best practices, solutions and ideas.

For additional ideas, please see UTech's Technology for Remote Teaching and Working section. It links to the Prepare to Teach Anywhere page, which contains resources provided by UTech and UCITE. Please check back as these sites are developing in real-time and will include additional resources throughout the week and beyond.

Finally, many of you have inquired about the teaching resources and assets that currently exist within the Online format. We are in the process of exploring all strategies to share those materials. We will continue to keep you updated as to our progress.

Again, thank you for your cooperation and commitment.

Dr. Sharon Milligan, PhD, MSW, MPH, MS, LISW-S
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Student Services
Chair, MSSA Degree Program

Dr. Robert Fischer, PhD
Chair, MNO Degree Program

Scott A. WIlkes, JD, PhD
Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs