March 5 Mandel School Communication - Possible Impact

Good afternoon,

Last night, we all received an email from Carolyn Gregory (VP for Human Resources) and Lou Stark (VP for Student Affairs) regarding COVID-19. I encourage you to read their message - please click here.

Part of their message was about how COVID-19 may impact campus operations. Note that the definition of an "essential" employee could be different than when we have closed due to extreme weather. If a closure is necessary, guidance on that will be provided.

Their message also addressed remote work and learning. A webpage detailing tools and services that would be helpful in the event of a full closure should be reviewed. For many of us, that will include VPN software so that all servers can be reached. I strongly encourage you to make sure you have the correct software installed on either your Mandel School equipment and/or personal equipment, and that you test it. Please reach the [U]Tech Help desk ( or 368-HELP) for assistance.

Please realize the University is open at this time, and that we are just preparing. All campus-based staff are still expected to work on-site as they normally do. If the situation changes, the University will notify the community, and Mandel leadership will cooperate while working to continue our operations with the least possible disruption.

Thank you.