Report an Incident

Filing a Report

If you have witnessed or experienced an incident of hate, bias and/or discrimination involving a student, you have several options for filing a report.  Reports received after 5pm on weekdays (Monday-Friday), weekends, and holidays will be reviewed during the next business day:

  1. Report online:  Complete the CCRS online form.  Once the online form has been completed, the Dean of Students Office will receive an email notification and assign your report to the appropriate CCRS response team member(s).
  2. Report by phone:  Call the Dean of Students Office at 216.368.1527 during regular business hours of 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday.  
  3. Report by email:  Email the Dean of Students Office at to submit a report or schedule a meeting with a CCRS response team member.
  4. Report via Zoom:  Provide a report during a Zoom meeting with a CCRS response team member.  Schedule a Zoom meeting by calling 216.368.1527.

Reporting Anonymously

If, for any reason, you do not want to provide identifying information when you file a report, you have the option to complete the CCRS form anonymously online by selecting the “For Information Only” option.  Please note that a brief description of the incident will be included in the semester summary report.

After You Submit a CCRS Report

If you select the “For Support and Referral” option, a CCRS response team member will contact you to schedule a meeting.  During this meeting, the team member will:

  • Listen and support you as you provide details of the incident
  • Identify campus and community resources to help you understand your options
  • Walk you through what to expect should you choose to utilize referrals.

After your meeting, you will receive an email from your team member to make sure the CCRS answered your questions and provided appropriate referrals.

Reporting Information

To inquire about the Community Concerns Reporting System or to discuss a reported incident, contact the Dean of Students Office, located in 110 Adelbert Hall, via phone at 216.368.1527, or email at
For additional information and support, you may contact any of the following offices: