Application Procedures

To apply, please supply the following information through the AAPI portal, which you can access at (navigate to Internships->AAPI->Applicant Portal).

  • Cover letter indicating your interest in our site
  • Current CV
  • All graduate transcripts
  • Three letters of recommendation, at least two of which are written by licensed psychologists with direct knowledge of your supervised, doctoral practicum experiences.

The application deadline for the 2024-2025 internship cycle is November 5, 2023.  Our APPIC sire number is 2177.

We use e-mail to conduct all of our internship selection correspondence. Please notify us immediately if your e-mail address changes or if you are experiencing any difficulty retrieving your e-mail. We also use Zoom to conduct all of our interviews in early January; if you are not yet accustomed to using Zoom for teleconferencing, please contact us for further instructions.

The internship site agrees to abide by the APPIC policy that no person at this training facility will solicit, accept, or use any ranking related information from any intern applicant. UH&CS follows APPIC policy regarding offers and acceptance.  These policies may be viewed online at

Applicant Qualifications

To be considered a candidate for the CWRU UH&CS  internship, applicants must:

  • Demonstrate consistency between candidate's interests and the aims of the CWRU UH&CS internship.
  • Be a registered student, in good standing, at or beyond the third year in an APA-accredited doctoral program in Clinical or Counseling Psychology.
  • Have completed supervised practicum and clinical placement experience with a preference for 500 total intervention hours. Applicants with less than 500 total intervention hours will also be considered.
  • Have successfully completed all preliminary or qualifying exams required by the home program before internship ranking submission in Februry.
  • Have successfully proposed dissertation by internship ranking submission in February.
  • Have completed all doctoral coursework by July 31 of the entering internship year.
  • Be willing and able to commit to a busy, full-time, twelve-month internship.
  • Be willing to engage in self-reflection in supervisory and training relationships as needed, to ensure ethical and appropriate clinical practice.

Policies Regarding Intern Selection

An intern selection committee, comprised of senior staff and both current interns, evaluates internship applications. Applications are reviewed based on the candidate's interest and experience in each of the competency areas, as well as experience working with college or university-aged populations.  Applicants who receive the highest ratings are invited to participate in interviews.

We conduct video conference interviews (via Zoom) in which applicants speak with at least two members of our staff and respond to formal interview questions. We do not offer an in-person interview option. Interviews are typically 45 minutes in length. Please note that interview times are offered in Eastern Standard Time.  

We notify applicants through e-mail that they have an interview opportunity with our site.  The e-mail will provide information regarding interview scheduling; it is the applicant's responsibility to reply or to call our site and schedule the interview. After the interview time is scheduled, we will send follow-up advance messages with instructions for the interview.

During the interview, applicants should be prepared to discuss their previous training and clinical experiences, diversity and social justice perspectives, and specific interests and experience with college-aged populations, crisis intervention, short-term therapy, and tele-behavioral health. In addition, applicants are offered the opportunity to speak with one of our current interns in order to ask questions and learn more about the internship experience. These conversations are not part of the formal interview process, although current interns are free to share their impressions with the selection committee members.

Our interns are brought onboard as non degree-seeking students who are paid a stipend and provided benefits; they are not technically considered full or part-time staff. Even so, the internship conforms wo many requirements, including legal eligibility for employment in the US (sometimes called the I-9 requirement). Also, while we do not require or pursue background checks for the Psychology internship, should information be revealed at any time that would prohibit University employment policies, we reserve the right to terminate the internship contract immediately.

Our interviews are conducted by video-conference (or by telephone when necessary) in large part in order to offer the opportunity for applicants to apply regardless of geographical location and to be inclusive regarding accessibility and equitability.  We are eager to welcome interns from all regions, backgrounds, and identities.  Case Western Reserve University is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer.  Please click here to view the University's equal employment opportunity policy.