For New Students

Sign outside of the University Health Services building

University Health Service provides a range of services including primary care, women's health, allergy injections, travel care and nutrition. There is no cost to see a provider, regardless of what health insurance you have, if you are a student registered for at least one credit hour.

Located in the building that was the original home of the Law School, from the outside we look more like a bank than a medical building. We are located directly across the street from 1-2-1 Fitness.

Requirements and Information

Visits to University Health Service are free to all enrolled students, even if you have outside insurance.

The Health Service Provides:

  • Treatment for illness and injury, with referral to specialty care
  • Preventative care (screening tests & immunizations)
  • Management of chronic conditions
  • International travel care
  • Treatment for anxiety, eating disorders, depression, sexual assault (in collaboration with campus and community partners)


All students are required to log in to and to fill out the Health History, Immunization History and to acknowledge the privacy policy, whether or not they plan on using University Health Service for their medical needs. Students can use this vaccination worksheet to to help gather information.

In addition to filling out the online forms, students in the Case School of Medicine, Case School of Dental Medicine, Lerner School of Medicine, Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, Physicians Assistant Program, Kent State University School of Podiatric Medicine and the Masters Program in Anesthesia are required to submit supporting documentation for their Immunization History so the information can be validated to satisfy clinical requirements of your program. Students who are in these programs can use this Health Science students vaccination worksheet to help gather information. 

Supporting documentation should be directly uploaded under the Medical Clearance tab in If you are not able to directly upload the documents, we are able to accept the records by postal mail or FAX.

Students enrolled in any other program are encouraged to upload the supporting documentation for their Immunization History

Forms for students enrolling for the fall semester should be submitted by July 1 or two weeks before your program begins. For the spring semester, forms should be submitted by January 1.

Additional information about the requirements and submission process can be found in the FAQ.

Minor Medical Release Form

If you will be under 18 years of age AFTER August 1 you will need to have a parent/guardian sign the Minor Medical Release Form. This form should be uploaded to the Medical Clearances section of at least two weeks before you arrive on campus. 

Steps for Students in Non-health Related Programs

Examples of Non-health Related Programs include:

  • Case Western Reserve University Undergraduate
  • Case Western Reserve University Graduate
  • Cleveland Institute of Art
  • Cleveland Institute of Music

Log in to and click on "Medical Clearance". Complete the following online forms:

  • Privacy Statement
  • Medical History
  • Immunization History

You may need to contact your health care provider to obtain your immunization history.

Steps for Students in Health Related Programs

Examples of Health Related Schools and Programs include:

  • Case School of Medicine
  • Lerner School of Medicine
  • Case School of Dental Medicine
  • Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing
  • Physician Assistant Program
  • Kent State University School of Podiatric Medicine
  • Masters Program in Anesthesia
  • Public Health Nutrition Dietetic Internship

Review your school's immunization requirements, then contact your health care provider to obtain personal immunization information.

Log in to and click on "Medical Clearance". Complete the following online forms:

  • Privacy Statement
  • Medical History
  • Immunization History including uploading copies of your official immunization record, in English.

Our Mailing Address is: Case Western Reserve University, University Health Service, 10900 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44106-4901. Our fax number is 833.645.0872. We recommend that you keep a copy of your immunization records for your reference.