Oct. 18 Message to Students: Starting Tomorrow...

To Our Students:

The data is undeniable.

Cuyahoga County’s COVID-19 numbers last week lifted us to red status for the first time in two months

The nation’s 69,000 new COVID-19 cases Friday marked the highest one-day total since July

And Ohio’s 2,178 new positives Thursday? They set an all-time record for the state. 

Here on campus, cases have climbed but not spiked—so far. We did, however, have to close the Kelvin Smith Library Friday for cleaning on Saturday, part of Samson Pavilion Thursday, and part of the dental clinic Wednesday.

Remember that Community Commitment from the summer? It matters more than ever now—and we want to help.

Starting tomorrow (Monday, Oct. 19), we will be texting students who are on campus but have not yet completed their daily health assessment

Even if you simply stop by the Tink for a few moments or attend a single class, doing anything at Case Western Reserve means you must complete the assessment.

Why? The assessment asks that you affirmatively commit that you checked for symptoms and potential exposures, two quick but vital steps to help keep the campus healthy. Unfortunately, your compliance has dropped by about a third since classes began—to under 50 percent—while staff are above 80 percent and faculty in the mid-70s.

You can complete your assessment via your computer or smartphone—in the latter case you can use the Guardian App, available at the iPhone App Store or Google Play

Thank you for doing your part to keep the campus healthy.

Lou Stark
Vice President for Student Affairs

Sara Lee, MD
Executive Director for University Health and Counseling Services