April 10 Message to Faculty/Staff: Parking Credit and a Plea

To Our Faculty and Staff:

We write today regarding campus parking charges during this period of remote work and education. We are pleased to inform you that all permit holders will receive a full month’s parking credit for April, an amount that will be reflected in your April compensation. Should our remote operations continue in May, the university will consider issuing an additional credit for the time period involved.

As you have seen in The Daily and other news outlets, our students have demonstrated tremendous initiative in their own responses to this public health crisis. They have supported Cuyahoga County’s efforts to triage and track potential cases. They came together to assist health care workers with tasks ranging from grocery shopping and dog walking to tutoring students online. Some even developed solutions for protective equipment shortages.

These and other efforts exemplify how exceptional our students are. Smart, inventive and kind, they are making a difference not only for our community, but also in our region. As is the case for many, however, the pandemic has created hardships for them as well: family members on furlough or unemployment; uncertainty about whether summer internships will still come through; and, sadly, the possibility of a parent falling ill with COVID-19.

With more than 80 percent of our undergraduates receiving some form of aid, we know that several thousands of these young people already face financial challenges. We heard their stories firsthand when we told students they had to move out of campus housing. Our donor-created Student Emergency Fund allowed us to assist with flights and other expenses, but as a result its resources are running low.

In this context, we ask those of you who can to consider making your parking credit a gift to help replenish this fund for students in need. If you would like to make such a gift, please visit this form for more information.

As always thank you for all that you do for Case Western Reserve.

Lou Stark
Vice President for Student Affairs

Richard Jamieson
Vice President for Campus Services