July 19 Message to Undergraduate Students: Course Registration Information

To Our Undergraduates:

I write today to update you regarding course teaching modes and registration timelines. 

As the president and I explained last week, faculty will teach fall semester courses in one of three ways: primarily in-person, a mix of in-person and remote, or entirely remote. In addition, some remote courses are delivered synchronously—that is, students must attend at the time it is being offered—or asynchronously—meaning students can attend when offered “live” or watch a recording of the course at another time.

Now that staff in the Office of the Registrar have completed updating course listings in the Student Information System (SIS), undergraduates will be able to see the “Mode of Instruction” for each course.

You can look at an example of how the designation will appear in SIS on the registrar’s website.

In reviewing these designations, I ask that you keep in mind the following principles:

  • the nature of some courses means they cannot be taught effectively online;
  • as with so much else involving the pandemic, the information in SIS may change in the coming weeks; and
  • academic advisors will work with students unable to take courses required for graduation or that are prerequisites for required courses. In addressing potential solutions, academic advisors will consider a number of factors, among them timing of expected degree completion (e.g. January 2021, May 2021, and so forth) and faculty ability to adapt options to accommodate student needs.

In addition, some faculty whose courses are designated as in-person or blended have said they are willing to accommodate students unable to come to campus. The Office of the Registrar is exploring with deans whether such designations can be added to SIS course listings; we will continue to update you regarding progress in that effort. 

Returning to Campus?

I realize that some undergraduates are still deciding whether they will return to campus for the fall semester. In addition to the information regarding course delivery modes, we also wanted to provide guidance regarding university expectations and requirements:

  • Students living on or near campus (i.e. within Northeast Ohio) who take courses offered in person (entirely or as part of a blended approach of in person and online) are expected to attend sessions offered in person, unless individual health considerations indicate they should not do so. In such instances, students should provide advance notice to their instructors.
  • Students who either cannot or choose not to return to Northeast Ohio should plan to enroll in courses offered in an entirely remote format. If students want to take courses designated as having both in-person and remote elements, they should contact the instructor to determine whether they will be able to complete course requirements without attending in-person sessions. If students are scheduled for courses that are offered in-person or blended, they should talk to their academic advisor about alternative courses or pathways to consider. 
  • Regardless of whether students are attending classes remotely or in person, they are expected to meet course requirements, including those involving attendance and participation.
  • Students who do not plan to live in Northeast Ohio or take any courses this semester must either:

Course Registrations

Returning students (rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors) can review and change their course registrations starting Monday, July 20, at 9 a.m. through 11:59 p.m. on Friday, July 24. They will be able to access and change course registrations again starting at 9 a.m. Aug. 1 through the end of the Drop/Add period for undergraduates

First-year students can register for classes starting at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, July 28, through 11:59 p.m. Friday, July 31. They will be able to access and change course registrations during the week of Aug. 17; first-year students will receive the exact date when it is finalized.

Transfer students can register for courses starting at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, July 28, and will be able to register or change course registrations through the end of the Drop/Add period for undergraduates

Thank you for your patience as we all work to provide you the greatest breadth of course options while mitigating health risks as much as possible. We will continue to provide updates regarding courses and other academic matters as additional information becomes available.

Ben Vinson III
Provost and Executive Vice President