May 5 Message to Undergraduates: P/NP Update and May 11 Deadline

To All Undergraduates:

As I wrote last week, the Faculty Senate extended the period of time for undergraduates to decide whether to choose letter grades or P/NP grading for this semester until 11:59 p.m. EST on Monday, May 11. This applies to all courses that had an end date of March 16 or later.

In light of this change, designed to allow you to see your final grades before making a decision, we have canceled all earlier P/NP elections made by the previous April 27 deadline. You must make a new election of P/NP grading in any course for which you wish to exercise that option.

Once you have seen your grade in any course this semester, you may elect P/NP grading in SIS in the ordinary way (see the registrar's website for more information). If you choose P/NP grading, grades of A through D will be converted to P and grades of F will be converted to NP; neither P nor NP enter your GPA calculation. You may choose P/NP grading in as many courses as you wish and grades of P for Spring 2020 courses will count toward major, minor, and general education requirements. Please review the special rules about academic standing that were adopted for this semester.

Do not choose P/NP grading in a course until your final grade is posted, as doing so will prevent you from seeing your final letter grade. If your final letter grade in a course is not posted by May 11 or if you have been assigned an Incomplete, you will be able to request P/NP grading in that course once the final grade is posted, but you must do so within 48 hours of the grade being posted by contacting your navigator. This will give you the same opportunity to view your grade before making a determination about P/NP as would have been the case had a final grade been posted by May 11.

All elections of P/NP grading or the choice of maintaining the recorded letter grade in a course will be treated as final after the established deadline.

Your navigator will be able to answer any questions that you may have about the P/NP policies for Spring 2020 or about the procedures to follow.

I know that the health crisis this semester required considerable adaptation on your part and on the part of your faculty. I greatly appreciate the spirit of understanding and cooperation that you all displayed. I know that it has not been easy. I hope that we will all be able to interact in person again sometime soon.

Good luck on any remaining final exams and final projects! And congratulations to our May graduates!


Jeffrey Wolcowitz
Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Adjunct Professor of Economics