Veteran and Military Student FAQ

Admitted veterans are welcome to submit a petition to have courses reviewed for transfer credit.

No, the ACT and SAT are not required for an application to CWRU. If you feel confident that your scores can strengthen your application, you are welcome to submit them, but their absence will not limit you in any way. We would be happy to discuss what scores would be competitive along with your application.

Yes, CWRU proudly participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program with eligible students qualifying for support that covers the remaining tuition that the GI Bill doesn't cover. Many graduate programs also participate with the Yellow Ribbon Program.

Absolutely! We understand that for many veterans high school performance does not reflect their current academic ability. While we will look at that performance, we will strongly consider college coursework (community college, military education, online classes, etc.) along with your writing samples, letters of recommendation, interviews and experience.