Public Information Examples

February 27, 2007

These types of information are examples of the Public Information. Public information is considered to have a negligible impact of disclosure. The CWRU Tier I Control (baseline) set applies to systems with Public Information.

General Information

  • news and public announcements
  • general communications
  • course offerings, in particular material published on CWRU YouTube and iTunes University
  • budget information when approved for disclosure
  • publications when approved for disclosure

Employee Information

  • name
  • CWRU Network ID (e.g. abc123)
  • CWRU EmployeeID/StudentID (also referred to as emplID)
  • salary (when published in IRS Form 1099)
  • gross pension
  • value/nature of fringe benefits
  • job titles
  • job description
  • educational background, degrees, titles, etc.
  • work location
  • work phone number
  • email address (
  • honors and awards received

Student Directory Information

  • name
  • permanent address
  • 7-digit Student ID (also called emplID)
  • email address
  • dates of enrollment
  • enrollment status
  • major
  • college
  • class year
  • academic awards and honors
  • degree status (received)