Technology Enhanced Classrooms

About Technology Enhanced Classrooms

The Technology Enhanced Classroom (TEC) initiative at Case Western Reserve University is more than simply installing audio-visual equipment into the classroom. It is part of [U]Tech's Strategic Framework, in which instructors, as well as students, are given access to information resources that are available beyond the four walls of the traditional classroom.

Check out all of the TECs on campus, including pictures and more information on the technologies offered. TECs are maintained by [U]Tech's Client Experience department, but TLT can assist with how to best utilize classroom technology for teaching and learning.

TECs are used in a variety of ways at CWRU, including:

  • Projecting content (files, videos, software) via the in-room computer
  • Sharing content from a personal computer 
  • Sharing written content, books, or experiments with the document camera
  • In select classrooms, recording class sessions using Echo360
  • Playing DVDs or CDs

Technology Enhanced Classrooms are scheduled through the Registrar's Office for class meetings, and can be reserved with the Spartan Reservation System for other meeting purposes.

Whenever possible, practice with the equipment you plan to use before class. This gives you time to find bugs, work out how the technology will work during the flow of your class, and gets you familiar with how things should work.

If anything malfunctions during class, please report it so it can be fixed! There is a phone under each TEC that can be used to dial the Service Desk and report issues (368-HELP).