Google Workspace

About Google Workspace

CWRU has partnered with Google Workspace for Education to bring the power of over 36 Google Apps to CWRU. All campus members can utilize the power of these apps to improve productivity, organization, and collaboration.  Some of the commonly used apps include:

  • Google Mail (CWRU Webmail)
  • Google Drive
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Groups
  • Google Hangouts Chat & Meet
  • YouTube

Apps can be used anywhere that you have access to the internet (VPN not required). Since your information is stored on the cloud, it's always available and easily accessed by whatever device you're using.

Apps are used daily by almost all CWRU faculty, students, and staff! Google Mail and Calendar are used to communicate and schedule across the university. Google Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet are used for quick chats and impromptu video calls. Google Groups are utilized for mailing lists and to organize group communication. Google Drive is used to store content and collaborate with others via Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Forms. Google Drive content is also pulled into Canvas by both students and instructors.  

You can access Google Workspace Apps in a few ways: with their CWRU-customized URLs, through the generic Google URLs, and through the App Launcher available across Google's products.

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App Launcher

Google Apps Launcher icon with "Google Apps" help text displayed

The App Launcher is available across most Google pages. Check the top corner of the page for the grid-like icon, which will give you access to available Google Apps.


  • Explore the available settings to make your inbox work best for you! Your webmail can display certain messages, filter others, and show you just what you need to see.
  • Every person at CWRU has two default email addresses: and You can also create custom email addresses through the Email Alias tool.
  • If you'd like a group email address or mailing list, you'll need to create a Google Group.


  • Box is the only approved platform for storing restricted data in the cloud at Case Western Reserve. Do not store restricted data in Google Drive.
  • If you frequently use Google Drive with everyday files, you may want to install Drive File Stream to help simplify your document management workflow. File Stream lets you sync files between Google Drive and your computer, saving your the hassle of having to download and re-upload documents through the web interface.