CAAPP Featured on Sound of Ideas

Erika Trapl, PhD, Case CCC's Associate Director for Community Outreach and Engagement, Charles Modlin, MD, MBA, Director of the MetroHealth Minority Men's Health Institute, and Waverly Willis, owner/operator of two Urban Kutz barbershops and member of Case CCC's Community Advisory Board, discussed the importance of early detection to prevent aggressive and potentially fatal cancers—particularly in African American men—on Ideastream's Sound of Ideas.

The Cleveland African American Prostate Project (CAAPP) is a Cleveland-based research effort led by scientists, doctors, cancer survivors, and community members.

Its aim is to better understand individuals' screening experiences and intentions to receive the recommended care after getting test results, determine the support an individual needs to get screened for prostate cancer, and increase access to and build relationships with primary care physicians by encouraging African Americans who were assigned male at birth and are aged 40+ to take a Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) blood test to screen for prostate cancer.

The program is coordinated by Kristina Austin, MSEd, LSW, Director of Community Engagement for the Case CCC.

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