Grant submissions policy change, other support template overhaul, updates requested by October 1

NIH’s required Other Support documentation has undergone a complete overhaul. The Cancer Center regularly needs members’ Other Support (OS) documents for grant submissions and progress reports, and we need to update our OS repository with your new OS documentation. Please note that the new OS template requires new information and is more than just formatting changes. We have created a template with instructions for you to use, now available for download on our website.

Please work with your department administrator to complete this new Other Support template as soon as possible and send it to by October 1, 2021. We are happy to offer help with questions about Other Support documentation, but we do need to have your OS document well in advance of any progress report or submission due date in order to give you the attention you deserve!

Please note that per the new Grant Submission Policy effective July 1, the Office of Grants & Contracts will not submit grants sent to them later than 3 days of the grant deadline. Therefore, grants submitted through the Cancer Center must be complete and with the Cancer Center grants manager no later than five business days before the due date. Investigators should work with the Cancer Center and/or their department administration as soon as they know they will be submitting a grant to make sure they meet these deadlines.