Announcing This Week's Faculty and Staff Vaccine Verification Winners

To Our Faculty and Staff:

With last week’s card uploads, we’re now able to verify that 60 percent of the campus community is fully vaccinated. 

So first, I want to thank the more than 9,600 individuals who submitted photos of their vaccination cards to our secure health record platform.

Second, I encourage all of you who have been vaccinated—but haven’t yet let us know—to follow your colleagues’ lead. You can find step-by-step instructions on our COVID-19 website.

We are just 3,260 verifications away from knowing that 80 percent of our campus is fully vaccinated. That threshold represents a win for all of us—first and most importantly in terms of dramatically lowered risk of COVID-19 transmission.

An ancillary benefit is that lowered risk means reduced restrictions. Current fall semester plans largely call for a return to pre-pandemic practices—with one major exception: Unless alone in an office or other self-contained space, everyone on campus—including faculty teaching in classrooms—will be required to wear masks indoors.  

Until we meet the four-fifths threshold, we can’t even consider relaxing that rule. 

Meanwhile, having your card in our secure health record platform offers additional benefits.

This afternoon, I had the great pleasure of telling mathematics professor David Gurarie that he is this week’s faculty winner of our random drawing of uploaded vaccination cards. 

And one of my colleagues contacted Gabriella Celeste, policy director for the Schubert Center for Childhood Studies and co-director of the Childhood Studies program in the College of Arts and Sciences. 

Both now have the option of receiving $500 or three months of parking in an available spot in the lot or garage of the winner’s choice.

If you read this afternoon's message, you know that next week’s drawing offers the chance for new prizes—and all this week, your vaccination card gets you 10 percent discounts at campus dining locations and Plum Market.

So don’t wait—upload a picture of your card today.

Carolyn Gregory
Vice President for Human Resources