COVID-19 Trends and What You Can Do

To the Case Western Reserve Community:

Last week, Northeast Ohio residents joined the roughly one-third of people in the U.S. living in medium or high COVID-19 community levels (as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). 

Federal health officials encourage those in medium-designated areas—such as our own Cuyahoga County—to consider wearing masks indoors based on their individual levels of risk. Case Western Reserve continues to require students to wear masks when using university transportation or in classes*; we also strongly encourage those 50 and older to get their second COVID-19 booster doses. To learn more about getting vaccinated on campus, please visit our COVID-19 website

Finally, we encourage individuals to remain vigilant regarding symptoms, and to secure a test if they have concerns. Free tests are available at on-campus vending locations or can be ordered at Many area drug stores also administer free tests.

As we have throughout the pandemic, we will monitor COVID-19 trends in the coming months, and update the community as needed.

Carolyn Gregory
Vice President for Human Resources

Lou Stark
Vice President for Student Affairs

*Instructors have the option to remove their masks.