For Faculty and Staff: New Mental Health Support Specialist

To Our Faculty and Staff:

As we experience a second holiday season with COVID-19 still in the headlines, the pandemic’s toll on mental health only continues to increase. Last spring, we expanded support for students by adding online counseling and related programs through CWRU Care, a partnership with TimelyMD.

Today we are pleased to announce the addition of a new resource for faculty and staff, a mental health support specialist based in University Health and Counseling Services (UHCS). Made possible through an investment from President Eric W. Kaler, this new part-time position is designed to:

  • assist individual faculty and staff members in identifying the kind of services they need, from individual or group therapy to intensive outpatient services or even in-patient care; 
  • support in accessing those services in a timely manner, whether barriers involve transportation, finances, or cultural concerns;
  • brief interventions or bridge care for faculty or staff in urgent need of attention; and
  • mental health training and workshops to increase awareness in general, as well as more specific issues such as substance abuse, eating concerns and emotional regulation.

We have appointed Avril Sargeant, a Licensed Professional Counselor, to serve as the university’s inaugural mental health support specialist. She comes to Case Western Reserve with extensive experience helping adults and adolescents with challenges ranging from crisis and trauma to parenting and marital difficulties. Her assistance to faculty and staff is free of charge, and nearly every conversation with her is confidential,* including from Human Resources staff. 

You can find additional information about this new position on this page of the Human Resources website. We deeply appreciate President Kaler’s role in making this opportunity available to faculty and staff, and hope you find the services helpful.

Sara Lee, MD
Executive Director, University Health and Counseling Services

Carolyn Gregory
Vice President for Human Resources

*Exceptions exist for extreme circumstances, such as when individuals pose significant risk of harm to themselves or others, or after a lawful order.