Guidance for 2021 Holiday Gatherings

To Our Faculty and Staff:

This week’s Thanksgiving holiday signals the start of seasonal activities where colleagues take time to celebrate the semester’s end—and appreciate each other’s support in reaching it. 

Unfortunately, while COVID-19 vaccines have dramatically reduced infection risk, we still must exercise caution—especially indoors.

We absolutely encourage gatherings for those who wish to spend a bit of social time together amid all of the work, but we do have a few caveats:

  • Campus spaces selected for such gatherings should be large enough to accommodate physical distancing;
  • Even then, attendance at any one time cannot exceed 50—and masks should be worn at all times (except when eating or drinking);
  • Gatherings cannot exceed 50 people at any one time. If the unit or department exceeds that number, extend the event’s hours to allow everyone to attend for some of the time;
  • Guests from outside the university must be vaccinated, and are limited to one adult per faculty or staff member;
  • Faculty and staff in attendance should be vaccinated; and
  • Avoid buffet-style meals.

We are grateful for all that everyone has done to allow Case Western Reserve to continue its mission of education and research throughout this pandemic. Enjoy your gatherings, and also take steps to stay safe.

Peter Poulos
General Counsel

Carolyn Gregory
Vice President for Human Resources