Daily Health Assessment

As part of the university’s efforts to maintain the health and well-being of the Case Western Reserve community, all unvaccinated faculty, staff and students must complete a brief health assessment form before coming to campus each day, beginning Aug. 23. At this time, vaccinated individuals do not need to take the daily health assessment.

The assessment asks questions about your daily symptoms and contact with individuals who may have COVID-19.

None of your responses are stored. The only information stored is whether your answers that day led to a recommendation to come into work on campus, or stay home. That information is secure.

If you are scheduled to be on campus that day and have not completed the online health assessment, your supervisor will contact you. If you cannot be reached, the supervisor will notify HR (askHR@case.edu).

Submit Your Assessment

Please note: We understand sometimes the symptoms listed may be typical of seasonal allergies or other ongoing conditions, such as having asthma; if the symptoms you experience are typical for you, you do not need to answer the assessment question in the affirmative. If they are different in nature or intensity—or if new ones appear—then you should consider answering in the affirmative. If you are not sure, you can contact the University Health Service at 216.368.2450 for guidance.

Supervisor Assessment Checks

Any unvaccinated employees need to submit an assessment form every day before arriving. 

Supervisors will need to check each business day to see whether employees have completed the form and, if so, whether they are permitted to be on campus.

If employees have not completed the forms on a day they are scheduled to work:

  • If employees are present, please ask them to complete the form immediately.
  • If employees are not present and have not completed the form, please contact them to determine why they are absent. If they report COVID-19 symptoms, please notify University Health Services.

If employees have completed the forms on a day they are scheduled to work:

If form responses indicate an employee is ineligible to be on campus and:

  • the employee is present: Send that employee home immediately and notify University Health Services.
  • the employee is not present: Supervisors are not required to take any action.