Isolation & Quarantine

Current Isolation Protocol for Individuals with a Positive Test

Students, faculty, and staff who receive a positive test result for a test administered through CWRU will receive a secure message with initial guidance and several questions. Individuals MUST reply to the message with the answers to those questions so that staff can send a second message with updated isolation information, including when an individual can return to campus.

Students, faculty, and staff who have a positive result from a rapid antigen test (including those distributed through CWRU) or have a positive test from outside the university need to send a secure message to NURSE COVID to report their test and answer additional questions.

Please note: Due to the high volume of positive test results, you may experience a delay of more than 24 hours in responding to a message. If you have a positive test result, you should isolate in place. Students who need medical advice should call 216.368.2450; the nurse on-call service can answer medical questions but cannot give guidance related to CWRU isolation, such as location or duration. 

Faculty and staff who need medical advice should contact their primary medical provider. For medical emergencies, call 216.368.3333 (on-campus) or 911 (off-campus) or proceed to the nearest Emergency Department.

How long will I be in isolation? When can I return to campus?

Per the current CWRU protocol, developed in consultation with infectious disease and public health experts, individuals who test positive must complete a 10-day isolation period, with an option to leave isolation and return to campus on or after day 6.

Students, faculty, and staff are eligible to leave isolation on or after day 6 if they have a negative rapid antigen test, AND do not have a fever, AND their symptoms are improving.

Individuals with a positive rapid antigen test on Day 6 or after—or those unable to complete a rapid antigen test—must isolate until their rapid antigen test is negative OR they have completed 10 days of isolation, whichever comes first.

Where do I obtain a rapid antigen test to determine whether I can leave isolation early?

Health Services offers rapid antigen testing at Clinic B (site of the former dental clinic, opposite University Hospitals’ Bolwell Building) on weekdays from 9 to 11:30 a.m. and from 1 to 4:30 p.m. The testing site is closed on all university holidays.

Where will I isolate?

Students living in university residential housing will receive a call from the Isolation/Quarantine team with isolation plans, including food. Some students will need to isolate in place (in their current residence hall room). Due to the high number of cases, you may not receive a phone call from the Isolation/Quarantine team until more than 24 hours after you receive notification of your positive test. We ask for your patience.

Students, faculty, and staff living off campus should isolate in their apartments or houses.

Will I need to complete surveillance testing/re-entry testing?

Per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, individuals with a positive test will be exempt from surveillance/re-entry testing for approximately 90 days after their positive test.

I am a staff member who tested positive. Can I return to campus if I am asymptomatic?

No. As noted above, everyone who tests positive must isolate for at least five full days. Those who test negative on day 6 or 7 may exit isolation early, but otherwise must stay isolated for 10 full days.

I am a staff member who tested positive but feel well enough to work. Can I perform my duties from home?

If you feel well enough to work and indicate in writing that you would like to work, and your supervisor approves your request in writing, you may do so. (Please note: Your supervisor may not require you to work while in isolation if you indicate that you do not feel well enough to do so.) If your supervisor does not support your off-site work, you must take sick or vacation days while off campus.


Individuals who believe they have been exposed should follow the exposure guidance.

Information for Students Isolated or Quarantine in Space Provide by the University

During business hours, you may reach out to the COVID-19 Support Team at 216.368.8485. On weekends and after 5 p.m., please email the team at

For 24-hour medical advice, please call 216.368.2450 to speak with a nurse. 

If you are experiencing a medical emergency please call 216.368.3333 (on campus) or 911 (off campus).

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