Dental Plan Contacts

Dental Coverage

Under Benelect, you can choose dental coverage through either Superior Dental Care or the Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine.

Superior Dental Care

Superior Dental Care is a dental provider organization (DPO). You may receive care from any dentist, but more of your costs will be covered if you use a dentist who is affiliated with the network. Participating dentists are searchable online at or available from Benefits Administration.

Basic Superior Dental Features

  • Network Providers: None
  • Out-of-Network: $50 for individual, $100 for family
Maximum Benefits
  • Network Providers: $2,000 per year per covered person
  • Out-of-Network: $2,000 per year per covered person
Preventive Care

Services such as semiannual examination and X-rays

  • Network Providers: 100 percent
  • Out-of-Network: 70 percent of usual, customary and reasonable (UCR) fees
Basic Care

Services such as fillings extraction, oral surgery, periodontia and endodontia

  • Network Providers: 80 percent
  • Out-of-Network: 60 percent of UCR
Major Care

Services such as bridgework, dentures and crown restorations

  • Network Providers: 60 percent
  • Out-of-Network: 40 percent of UCR
Orthodontic Care

Coverage available for children under age 19 only, adult orthodontia is not covered

  • Network Providers: 50 percent, $1,250 lifetime benefit
  • Out-of-Network: 35 percent of UCR, $800 lifetime benefit

School of Dental Medicine

The School of Dental Medicine provides one dental benefit plan. The comprehensive plan offers a full range of services. In addition, value added services such as implants, tooth whitening, veneers and mouth guards are included at a 20 percent discount. Care is provided primarily by graduate dental practitioners at the School of Dental Medicine. View the Employee Dental Care Plans website for coverage details.

Dental Coverage Level

As with medical, you have coverage categories from which to choose:

  • Employee
  • Employee + Child(ren)
  • Employee + Spouse (Equivalent)
  • Employee + Family

Waive Dental Coverage

If you already have or do not want dental coverage, another option is "waive."