COVID-19 Extended Vision Services
Vision Plan Contacts

Eye care benefits provide you and your family with access to quality vision care. Through Benelect, you have one plan and several coverage levels from which to choose.

Vision Service Plan (VSP)

VSP provides private practice quality with retail choice and convenience at 39,000 locations nationwide. Nearly 90 percent of VSP’s network is open for early morning, evening and/or weekend appointments with 24-hour on-call availability.

VSP is a paperless carrier and therefore does not issue cards. You can find in-network doctors by going to You will need to inform your doctor's office that you have VSP insurance and they will then locate you in VSP’s system using identifying information (DOB and last 4 of SSN). You can also register/create an account at although it is not required to use the benefit.

Vision Coverage Level

As with medical and dental, you have coverage categories from which to choose:

  • Employee
  • Employee + Child(ren)
  • Employee + Spouse (Equivalent)
  • Employee + Family

Waive Vision Coverage

If you already have eye care or do not want vision coverage, you may waive vision coverage through Benelect.