Additional Project Request Procedure

If an employee is assigned additional project work or reassigned to another position in a higher or lower salary grade for more than 30 days, the salary may be adjusted to be in line with the interim position for the duration of the interim assignment. These types of assignments will be reviewed with Compensation for approval prior to the scheduled work (assignment).


  1. The department must submit an Additional Pay Request Form to the Compensation Office for approval prior to the scheduled work assignment. The request should include the employee's name, current supervisor and department, the proposed project and duties, project manager and proposed payment amount. Employees are generally limited to interim pay not to exceed the maximum salary increase amount in effect at the time interim pay is provided.
  2. The Compensation Office will review the project and appropriate payment methods within the federal wage and hour law and will work with the department to establish an approved payment plan.
  3. The documentation will be placed in the employee's personnel file in the Department of Human Resources.
  4. It is the employee’s responsibility to discuss the additional work with the current supervisor and ensure that it does not interfere with their regular, primary job.
  5. The employee may begin work once the approvals and consent are confirmed in the Compensation Office.
  6. The department will submit a payment request in HCM per the approved payment plan. HCM Payment Request Guide
  7. From the HCM payment requests, the Compensation Office will review the employee's personnel file to verify and approve the payment.