Salary Increases

For the fiscal year 2023-24, the aggregate salary increase pool was provided to your school and department. This means that overall salary increases (inclusive of any combination of merit, promotion and equity adjustments) within a unit may not exceed the salary pool. See Compensation Guidelines 

Merit increases should remain within the departmental budgeted salary pool. Any merit increase at or above four percent will need a written justification memorandum signed by the department head and budget officer submitted to Human Resources. Employees whose overall rating falls in the lower two rating categories of slightly below standards or below standards are not eligible for a merit increase per the Annual Performance Review Process Procedure.

A completed Performance Management Outline must accompany all staff employees’ merit reviews. This outline is needed even if a merit increase has not been awarded.

As in previous years, individual staff salaries must fall within the salary grade range, and employees being promoted must have a salary at least equal to the range minimum.

Please refer to the following HR Staff Policies and Procedures for more information:

Internal Equity Considerations

For guidance on internal equity considerations, see here.


Staff may receive one of two types of promotions: (1) in-position promotions or (2) by applying and being offered a job opening. Through posted position, eligible employees are able to apply for any posted position under the Internal Employment Promotional Opportunities Policy.

All promotions - whether in position or for posted positions - will follow these guidelines. For further guidance, please refer to the Staff Salary Changes, Other Than as Part of the Annual Performance Review Procedure.

Additional Project Pay Request 

Where an employee is assigned additional project work or reassigned to another position in a higher or lower salary grade for more than 30 days, the salary may be adjusted to be in line with the interim position for the duration of the interim assignment. For guidance on additional project pay, see here.