Employment FAQs

How do I get access to PeopleSoft/Recruiting?

Non-employees or affiliate employees of CWRU must contact their department Human Resource Administrator (HRA) to request access.

How do I provide a budget justification to the job opening for approval?

Budget justifications may be provided within the department level approval process. The HRA will use the comments section when the pending approval notification reaches them.

The candidate failed to submit a complete application. What can I do?

Departments may choose to contact individuals whose applications are incomplete. If candidates fail to submit completed applications during the posted period, they will be disqualified and not considered for the position.

A candidate is contacting me to apply directly, what should I do?

All applicants must apply online for each position. If applicants continue to experience problems applying through our online website, you can direct them to the Human Resources Department at 216.368.6964 or contact the Help Desk at 216.368.HELP for technical assistance.

Can I extend the posting date of my job?

If you wish to obtain a larger applicant pool, you can extend the posting date of the job, by notifying your Recruiter in the Human Resources Department.

I created a job and “saved as draft” but now cannot find it. Where did it go?

Go into PeopleSoft, select “Recruiting,” select “Find Job Openings,” type in the “job number” and use the drop down menu to change the job status from “Open” to “Draft” and then select “Search.” The job should appear now.