Tuition Reimbursement Procedure

Effective date: 06/03/2019
Related Policy: Educational Benefits
Revision History: 07/01/2014


To provide tuition reimbursement  to eligible employees in support of their educational endeavors.  

Detailed Procedures

Tuition Reimbursement for employees completing job-related courses at other accredited, degree-granting institutions

  1. Eligibility Requirements:  (These are in addition to those specified in the Tuition Waiver Procedure)
    1. Faculty with the ranks of Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Senior Instructor, Instructor and full-time Lecturer (faculty members who hold adjunct appointments, clinical appointments, visiting appointments are not eligible) and have an appointment or reappointment letter specifying a salary paid through the university which is 50% or more of a full time equivalent salary.
    2. Executive Staff, Senior Staff, and Staff who are regular employees who work half-time or more. 
  2. General Conditions: (These are in addition to those specified in the Tuition Waiver Procedure)
    1. Tuition reimbursement is contingent on appointment or employment as of the beginning of the semester for the course for which reimbursement is sought.  Reimbursement is not available if university employment is terminated (voluntary or involuntary) before satisfactory completion of the course.
    2. Reimbursement is available for pre‑approved study in work-related courses, as defined by the Internal Revenue Service (see Publication 970), taken at accredited, degree‑granting institutions other than CWRU. Pre-authorization must be obtained from the Benefits Office in consultation with the employee's supervisor, by submitting a completed Certification for Tuition Reimbursement form and required supporting documentation (proof of registration and proof of tuition charges) documenting the employee's name, name of the institution, courses registered with dates registered and a statement of financial account activity) to Crawford Hall, Room, 320 or
    3. If a staff employee does not receive his/her supervisor’s approval for tuition reimbursement, the staff employee may appeal the decision to the Director of Employee Relations at Crawford Hall, Room, 320 or  The appeal must be made prior to the tuition reimbursement application deadline.
    4. Tuition reimbursement is available to employees who cannot take advantage of the tuition waiver program for CWRU courses because (a) work-related courses are not available at CWRU, and/or (b) the employee cannot get release time for study at CWRU.
    5. Tuition reimbursement will not be available for continuing education courses, seminars, and workshops that are not part of the degree curriculum and are not listed in the institution's regular bulletin at the college or university of choice.
    6. Reimbursement will be processed upon presentation of the official grade(s) transcript (Grade of at least "Pass" or "C").
    7. Reimbursement is limited to the equivalent of six credit hours per semester (three credit hours during the summer term), with a maximum reimbursement of $2,500 per fiscal year.
    8. Reimbursement will be reduced by veteran's benefits or any other third party funds available to defray the cost of tuition including the Ohio College Opportunity Grant.
    9. Reimbursement covers tuition charges (i.e. instructional fees) only; other fees are the responsibility of the employee.