Employment At-Will

Title: Employment At-Will
Approved by
Date Approved:
Effective Date: 06/03/2019
Responsible Official: Vice President of Human Resources
Responsible University Office: HR Employment Office
Revision History: N/A
Related Legislation and University policies
Review Period: 5 years
Date of Last Review
Relates to: executive staff, senior staff, and staff
Exclusions: none

Policy Statement

Employees are employed “at-will.” At-will employment means employees have the right to terminate their employment relationship with CWRU at any time, for any reason or for no reason, without or without cause, and with or without notice. Similarly, CWRU has the right to terminate the employee’s employment relationship at any time, for any reason or for no reason, with or without cause, and with or without notice. Even term employees with an end date are employed at-will.

The employment-at-will relationship is in effect regardless of any other written statements, policies, procedures, or forms contained in the HR policies or any other university policies. No CWRU policy, procedure, practice, or form creates or shall be construed as an expressed or implied contract of employment or as a guarantee of any fixed term(s) or condition(s) of employment. While the university will generally attempt to follow the procedures and policies outlined in the HR policies, they are not a contract of employment. CWRU retains the right to change or cancel the policies, procedures, practices, or benefits in any manner, with or without notice, and with or without consideration. The university will attempt to give prior notice, however, of such changes whenever practical.