Emergency Salary Advance Procedure

Effective Date: 01/01/2008
Related Policy: Emergency Salary Advance Policy
Revision History

Goal: To permit salary advance processing in emergency situations.

Administrative Approval

For Staff: Supervisor and Information Management/Records Office 
For Faculty: Dean 
For Student Employees: Supervisor Handbook

Functions Impacted

Human Resources

Detailed Procedures

  1. Supervisors may request a salary advance on behalf of an employee only in emergency circumstances defined as unforeseen, unplanned, and unavoidable events that require an employee to secure funds on short notice.
  2. In events of extremely confidential nature, employees may request an emergency advance directly from the HR Records Office at hrrecords@case.edu without prior consultation with the supervisor.
  3. Employees are entitled to only one (1) emergency salary advance per twelve (12) month period.
  4. The amount requested may be up to 70% of the time worked in the pay period and no more than the normal net pay for any pay period. The minimum request is $50.00.
  5. For advances of more than $100, supporting documentation may be requested to confirm the reason for the advance.
  6. Supervisors are to complete Emergency Salary Advance Request Form for employees who qualify for an advance. The request must be approved by the Dean or Department Head. If the employee is submitting the request directly, the employee must obtain the approval of the HR Records Office.
  7. Supervisors are to submit approved forms to the HR Records Office at hrrecords@case.edu for final approval and processing.
  8. Emergency salary advance will be issued within three days following the receipt of the approved request.
  9. The advance will be deducted from the employee's next regular paycheck (as long as the next paycheck has not been processed).