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To help your Participant Recruitment Specialist help you, are you prepared to discuss:

  • Funding source? (Department, Industry, Federal, Foundation, etc.)
  • What stage are you in project implementation?  (study design, ready to submit to the IRB, in IRB review, IRB-approved)
  • Have you conducted a feasibility assessment at your site?
  • How many participants are to be enrolled?
  • Proposed enrollment start date?
  • Proposed enrollment end date?
  • Potentially challenging inclusion/exclusion criteria?
  • Genders to recruit?
  • Eligibility age?
  • Are you planning to target special populations and if so, what populations?
  • Potential recruitment sites you’d like to access? (academic teaching hospitals, community sites, other)
  • What recruitment methods would you like to use?
  • Will you be using E-consent?
  • Have you written a recruitment plan?

Cleveland Clinic

To submit a request for services: SPARCRequest


To submit a request for services: SPARCRequest

University Hospitals

Recruitment support:

To submit a request for services:  Research Recruitment Consultation Request