Participant Recruitment Specialists

The CTSC is dedicated to engaging underrepresented populations – like those distinguished by language, disability, condition, risk, culture, geographic location/dispersion, socioeconomic status, race or ethnicity – at all levels of research and in all of our programs. Your site has Participant Recruitment Specialists ready to provide consultations to meet your recruitment goals. They can help you access institutional expertise in recruiting special populations. They can assist in the development of a recruitment plan and guide you in creating advertising, social media and hospital network or community recruitment events.

At each site, institutional expertise is available to guide investigators in using the strength of our northeast Ohio networks to recruit special populations: 

African American Health Disparities Rare Disease: Vasculitis
Amish Hispanic Americans Spinal Cord Injuries

Asthma, Severe

HIV/ID Veterans
Child Health/Pediatrics LGBTQ Women's and Perinatal Health
Disabled Persons Opioid  
Geriatrics Psychiatric Populations