Conflict of Interests Committee (COI)

The mission of the Conflict of Interests Committee is to administer the University's Policies on conflict of interest with the aim of preserving the integrity of the University and its members and maintaining compliance with applicable federal regulations, while respecting academic freedom and encouraging outside scholarly and entrepreneurial activities.

The Conflict of Interests Committee, including the leadership of the Committee, is appointed by the President and is comprised of faculty and administrators, as well as representatives of affiliate hospitals, and also includes community representation.

The COI staff supports the Committee in its endeavors which include:

  • Administering the annual disclosure process
  • Reviewing annual and updated disclosure forms
  • Developing conflict of interest management plans
  • Providing education on conflict of interest to the University community.

COI Contacts

Contact us to register for a new account, make changes to your existing form, or get help with questions about what to disclose.  Any other questions or feedback for the COI staff? Contact either of the following individuals:

JC Scharf-Deering, MA - Director, Conflict of Interests Committee

Christian Swol, MBA - Associate Director, Conflict of Interests Committee

General Mailbox:


Outside Financial Interest Disclosure Form

CWRU requires board-appointed Faculty Members, Investigators, and Senior Staff to complete the Outside Financial Interest Disclosure Form. This disclosure must be updated within 30 days whenever there is a disclosable change in outside financial interests.


  1. Log into SpartaCOI using your CWRU Network ID and password.
  2. Follow the instructions on-screen.
  3. Contact us if you have any questions or need assistance:

CWRU COI Policies & Procedures

FDP COI Initiatives

The Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) has developed a Model Financial Conflict of Interest Policy and Model Disclosure Form, to assist potential subrecipient institutions that do not have a policy or disclosure form in place.

For more information on the FDP model COI policy and disclosure form, see:

Link to the FDP documents below. (Please note - these are not CWRU's documents. See above for more on CWRU's COI policy and disclosure form):

FDP Model Policy

FDP Model Disclosure Form

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