SpartaIRB FAQs

SpartaIRB is using University Hospital and CWRU single-sign-on ("SSO") technology that will allow users to skip the login screen if they are already signed in to another application, like email, that also uses a SSO login.

If you want to log completely out of SpartaIRB, simply close the browser tab and the browser application.

Notifications use the Preferred Email listed in the SpartaIRB user profile. If there is a typo in the notification, the messages won't be getting sent. Additionally, the preferred email was imported from iRIS and may not be the email address you are expecting notifications to be sent to now. Your IRB office can update your email address.

Contact the Sparta applications support team at if your email is correct and you are still not getting notifications.

The internal team fields will show you everyone who has a profile set up in SpartaIRB. If you need someone on your team but you are not able to find them with the search tool, it typically means they have not been set up in SpartaIRB yet.

The user will need to fill out a New User Request form on our website.