Be Well

Aspirational Statement 

We aspire to shape a community where each undergraduate and graduate student
reaches for their best self in ways that are healthy and productive. As professionals who specialize in the care and support of students, we will constantly improve and innovate to bring students programs, systems, and structures that encourage them to be more resilient and thrive academically, socially, emotionally, spiritually, financially, and physically.

Objective 1: Education

Provide undergraduate and graduate students with the tools to manage their own personal wellness.

Initiative Department Think Big Pathway
Create a comprehensive communication plan to clearly articulate the scope of responsibilities of the Dean of Students Office to enhance the recognition and understanding of our services. Dean of Students Shape the Agora: Equitable Community
Create a module for new graduate students that addresses impostor syndrome and how it impacts graduate students on their educational journey. Graduate Student Life Shape the Agora: Leadership
Educate our students on how timely seat requests for exams proctored by OATS can help reduce stress and test anxiety. Office of Accommodated Testing Services Integrate Humanity & Technology: Education
Educate program participants about culturally competent methods to maintain a sense of health and wellness financially, physically, socially, emotionally and mentally. Office of Multicultural Affairs Shape the Agora: Equitable Community
Create and strengthen programs, processes, and procedures focused on personal wellness to encourage residents to build healthy communities. Residence Life Shape the Agora: Policies and Practices
Redesign, or develop new, educational sanctions delivered in a hybrid model. Student Conduct Achieve Social Impact: Experiential Learning


Objective 2: Health

Strengthen shared messaging, practices, and policies, in collaboration with key stakeholders on campus to become a model campus for sustained undergraduate and graduate student health and wellness.

Initiative Department Think Big Pathway
Facilitate interventions to adequately address concerns/issues and determine effective strategies towards resolutions. Dean of Students Shape the Agora: Policies and Practices
Create programs and initiatives that develop a culture that all Greek students will be active bystanders in situations that could lead to physical or emotional harm. Greek Life Shape the Agora: Leadership
Provide extensive sports performance nutrition education for all student athletes. Physical Education and Athletics Integrate Humanity & Technology: Education
Continue to respond to the ongoing evolving pandemic with a flexible student focused public health plan. University Health and Counseling Services Shape the Agora: Policies and Practices