How to Cope with Staying at Home

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Take Care of Your Mind

Constant, searching, scrolling or consumption of coronavirus news can make you feel more afraid and powerless. Take breaks from media coverage and use CWRU Health Updates page for new developments rather than checking possibly unreliable sites. 

Reach Out for Help

There's no way around it, things are stressful right now. If what you're feeling feels bigger than what these techniques can support, seek help from a professional. University Counseling Services offers all CWRU, CIA and CIM students a 24/7 Counselor on Call line at (216) 368-5872. Faculty and Staff can utilize Impact Solutions

We also encourage people to download the CWRU Reach Out app for access to all available resources. 

Increase Your Feel Good Activities

Whether it's mindfulness, talking to your friends and family members, going for walks, journaling, painting, building a puzzle or watching Netflix, now is the time to increase positive experiences in your daily schedule. 

Maintain a Routine as Much as Possible

Try to maintain a schedule throughout the day. Start the morning with creating a schedule that consists of school, activity, socialization, fun and relaxation. Get up in the morning and shower and dress as you would if you were going to class or work. 

Social Distancing Does Not Mean Social Isolation

Reach out to others and offer support, empathy, information and, if possible, tangible help. Stay connected using technology such as video chat, Zoom group calls, and texting. Personal relationships are crucial in maintaining perspective and elevating mood. 

Take Care of Your Body

Eating healthy meals, exercising, getting at least seven hours of sleep a night and limiting your alcohol consumption can help your immune system. If you are able to maintain a safe distance (and the weather cooperates), try to go outside. Regular exercise (inside or outside) can reduce anxiety. 

Take Breaks

Play a game. Watch a movie Take a virtual yoga class or fitness class from One-to-One. Try a meditation app. Many museums, parks and zoos are even offering free virtual tours

Important Contacts

24/7 Nurse on Call (216) 368-2450 

24/7 Counselor on Call (216) 368-5872

On Campus Emergencies (216) 368-3333