How Do I Host a Meeting?

Schedule Options

Zoom offers multiple options to schedule a meeting:

Schedule From Zoom App

Make sure to log on using Single Sign-On when using the Zoom desktop application.

Zoom SSO login button

From the Zoom application, click on the Schedule icon.

zoom desktop app screenshot

Once the Zoom Scheduler is open, you can begin to set-up your future Zoom meeting.

Note: All scheduled meetings may be started by the host at anytime, regardless of the date and time settings.

Scheduling a Zoom Meeting through the Zoom Client
  • Topic: Choose a topic/name for your meeting.
  • Start: Select a date and time of your meeting.
  • Time Zone: By default, Zoom will use your computer's time zone setting.
  • Recurring Meeting: Choose if you would like this meeting to reoccur. (The meeting ID will be the same for the recurring meetings.)
  • Meeting ID: Zoom will create one or you can use your Personal Meeting ID.
  • Passcode: Change the passcode, if desired.
  • Waiting Room: Start the meeting with a waiting room.
  • Only authenticated users can join: Require attendees to log in to CWRU SSO prior to joining the meeting.
  • Video: Default video settings for host and participants.
  • Audio Options: Choose whether to allow users to call in via telephone, VOIP, or both.
  • Calendar: Which calendar application do you use.
  • Advanced Options:
    • All participants to join anytime: Permit attendees to join before the host arrives.
    • Mute participants upon entry: Participants microphone will be off when joining the meeting. They can turn it on, if needed.
    • Automatically record meeting: When the meeting begins, a recording of it will be saved on your local computer or to the Zoom cloud.
  • Calendar: This will add the meeting to the selected calendar.
  • Approve or block entry for users from specific countries/regions: Allow users from specific regions to join your meetings; or block users from specific regions from joining your meetings. Users' region/country is determined by their IP address.
  • Alternative hosts: Add people within CWRU who may act as host of this meeting if you are late or unable to attend.
  • Save: Click here to finish. The calendar you selected will open and participants to the meeting can be invited.

Using the CWRU Zoom Web Portal

  1. The CWRU Zoom Web Portal is located at
  2. Select "Sign In"
  3. Select "Meetings" from the left side menu
  4. Select "Schedule a New Meeting"
  5. Fill out the basic information about the meeting and click "Save"
  6. The information about the meeting will appear. By selecting "Google Calendar" Zoom will add this information to your Google Calendar where you can invite others to the meeting.

Zoom provides a brief video of these steps plus links to other resources.

Schedule From Google Calendar

  1. Log into
  2. On the calendar select the day and time for the meeting or class.
    Schedule Zoom meeting through Google Calendar
  3. Using the dropdown "Add video conferencing" select "Zoom Meeting".
    Schedule Zoom meet through Google Calendar
  4. If this is your first time creating a Zoom Meeting from Google Calendar, you'll be asked to grant permission for Google to communicated with Zoom. Click on "Authorize".
    Schedule Zoom meeting through Google Calendar
  5. Sign in with SSO.
    Schedule Zoom meeting through Google Calendar
  6. When asked for the domain, enter "CWRU" and click "Continue".
    Schedule Zoom meeting through Google Calendar
  7. Google will display the services Zoom would like access. Scroll down and select "Authorize".
    Schedule Zoom meeting through Google Calendar
  8. Zoom conferencing information is added to the appointment.
    Schedule Zoom meet through Google Calendar