Trim Zoom Videos

Videos created during a Zoom event can be easily trimmed to remove before and after meeting conversations. They can then be shared through Zoom Cloud, Google Drive or Echo360.

Note: videos in the Zoom cloud are deleted after 150 days. Because of this, it's recommended that videos are shared through Google Drive or Echo360. Videos cannot be uploaded to Zoom for sharing.

In the Zoom Cloud

If your recording was saved to the Zoom cloud and you intend to share it from there, you can "set playback range". This doesn't edit the video, but limits what a viewer will see. The original recording is not affected. If it is downloaded, the whole video is saved. More information is available on the Zoom website.

On Your Local Computer

If your recording was saved to the Zoom cloud, download it to your local computer. To do this log into your Zoom account, from the left side menu navigate to the "Recordings" page, press the "More" button next to the appropriate meeting and select "Download".


The simplest tool to trim videos is the Photos program provided with Windows 10. Trimming is a straightforward function. Learn about this at How-To Geek.


The best tool is the iMovie program on all Mac systems. Apple provides great instructions on how this is done.