Vaccination Process

After you register for your appointment, your vaccination visit at Case Western Reserve University should be a smooth, quick process (plan for approximately 45 minutes for your visit). 

Please note: Masks are required at all times on the Case Western Reserve University campus (indoors and outdoors), and physical distancing guidelines (at least 6 feet from others) must be followed whenever possible.

Here’s an overview of what your visit may look like:

Parking and Transportation

If you are receiving the vaccine, you can park for free in Veale Center Parking Garage (Lot 53). Greater Cleveland Rapid Transit Authority (RTA) also offers a number of options to get you to campus. Visit our Parking and Transportation page to get full details.

When you arrive at the Veale Center’s Horsburgh Gym (get directions), individuals in yellow vests will be there to guide you through next steps.


An individual checks in at the Case Western Reserve University vaccination site

First, you’ll go to the check-in area, where you will fill out a registration form providing personal information. An individual will walk you through the form and answer any questions you might have.


Two health care professionals behind a curtain area at Case Western Reserve University's COVID-19 vaccination site

Next, you’ll go to a private space, where health care professionals will answer any questions and administer the vaccine. The vaccine is one shot, given in your upper arm. We recommend you wear short sleeves.

The health care professionals will give you a card that tells you what vaccine you received and when, and (on your first visit) lists the date you should return for your second dose.

A man at Case Western Reserve University sits between two signs telling people to wait for 15 minutes after their vaccine and let people know if they are feeling unwell

They’ll then direct you to a nearby waiting area, where you’ll need to stay for 15 minutes to monitor your symptoms. Once your 15 minutes is up, you can head home! (If you parked in the Veale Center Parking Garage, give the attendant your ticket and let them know you received the vaccine so your parking is free.)

After Your First Dose

You’ve received your first dose—a great start. But the vaccines are only fully effective with two doses. You’ll need to return to campus on the date listed on your vaccination card for your second dose.

Once you receive your card, you can schedule your second dose.

Please know: You may experience some side effects from one or both doses of your vaccine, including a sore arm or even a fever/body aches. These are normal and should not stop you from receiving both doses. Visit our side effects page to learn more.