Case CCC Spring 2020 Pilot Awardees Announced

The Case Comprehensive Cancer Center has made pilot awardee selections following recent RFAs. Please join us in congratulating the awardees below.

Profile of William Schiemann

Accelerator Award

William Schiemann, PhD and Saba Valadkhan, MD, PhD
Project: BORG:TRIM28 Complexes: Global Regulators of Alternative mRNA Splicing Coupled to BCSC Plasticity and Metastatic Relapse

Image of Cheryl Thompson, PhD

Canner Innovation Award

Cheryl Thompson, PhD
Project: Extracellular Vesicles for the Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Portrait of Abhishek Chakraborty, PhD

Jumpstart Award

Abhishek Chakraborty, PhD
Project: Investigating Kidney Lineage-Specific Genetic Dependencies as Anti-Cancer Targets in Renal Cancer

Portrait of Kailash Gulshan, man with dark hair looking at camera wearing a dark suit coat, blue dress shirt and a tie.

Lung Cancer Pilot Award

Kailash Gulshan, PhD
Project: Role of PIP2 and Gasdermin D in lung cancer progression and metastasis

American Cancer Society IRG Award

Portrait of Christine O'Connor

Christine O'Connor, PhD
Project: HCMV-encoded GPCRs: Potential targets for preventing reactivation in BMT patients