Don't Miss Upcoming Opportunities to Present Your Work!

Image of an attendee presenting their research poster at the 2018 Cancer Disparities Symposium

Presenting research in public forums and symposia such as our upcoming Innovators in AYA Cancer Symposium and 4th Annual Cancer Disparities Symposium is important for various reasons, says Damian Junk, PhD, Assistant Director of Cancer Training and Education at the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Below are a few benefits of submitting your work for presentation, according to Dr. Junk.

  • Presentations can enhance your CV, especially if you are a student or trainee
  • Practicing your presentation skills keep them honed for future speaking engagements/interviews
  • Sharing your work with others provides an opportunity to build your network and find potential collaborators
  • Excellent abstracts often are presented with travel, best-of, or reduced event registration awards
  • Meritorious abstract submissions for events may be selected for platform or emerging research oral presentations

Keep these benefits in mind when you see a Call for Abstracts, like those below, and consider sharing your important work with your colleagues.