VeloSano Bike to Cure

VeloSano is more than a fundraiser....

It's more than simply a bike ride. VeloSano is a movement with the goal of bringing an entire community together to help one another. The Case Comprehensive Cancer Center is honored to participate in VeloSano! Together, our team of Case CCC employees and friends will join the movement to raise money for the cause. The Case CCC  team are passionate individuals committed to cancer research, prevention, treatment and cures! 100% of the money we raise supports lifesaving cancer research in Northeast Ohio's top-tier hospitals and research institutions.

Our continuing goal is to bring sustainable funding to cancer research by enlisting the passion and energy of thousands of people who wish to give back…including YOU! Over the years, our team has collectively raised nearly $450,000 for VeloSano, every dollar going toward cancer research. Case CCC's team participation has collectively brought $2.1 million back to our center to fund collaborative pilot research projects.

Save the date for VeloSano 10!