Radiation Resources


  • Maintaining and operating ionizing radiation-producing devices for cancer researchers
  • Consultation with users concerning instrumentation, services, training requirements, security clearances, and experimental design
  • Training new users in the proper and safe operation of the equipment
  • Technical assistance upon request for dose and dose-rate calculations, hands-on assistance with experiments, design of specialized shields, and other problem solving
  • Focal radiation delivery to small animals with Radiation Oncology clinical devices


Radiation Resources equipment is available to all Cancer Center members. A range of irradiators is available to handle cells or animals at high or low dose rates. The staff will assist users in choosing the most appropriate equipment for their purposes.


  • $100 per each 30-minute session for instrument time (charges are incurred for a minimum of 30 minutes with a 5-minute grace period)
  • $50/session for assistance (when it is needed) 

All resource users must be trained and authorized. For more information please contact Juan Jeffrey at radiation@case.edu.


Remember to acknowledge the valuable services provided by Cancer Center Shared Resources in your research papers and publications: 
"This research was supported by the Radiation Resources Shared Resource of the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center (P30CA043703)."

Contact for Information

Name Contact Information

Raymond F. Muzic, Jr., PhD, Director

Juan Jeffrey