Faiz Anwer, MD

Associate Professor
Department of Medicine
School of Medicine
Immune Oncology Program
Case Comprehensive Cancer Center

I am an oncologist, physician-scientist, and stem cell transplant staff physician working at the Taussig Cancer Center of Cleveland Clinic. My clinical practice focus is to provide quality care to my patients with plasma cell disorders, and scientifically, making efforts on improving their treatment through clinical trials, preclinical drug development, and translational research. The major focus of my clinical research is to explore and improve the efficacy of therapeutics in adults with hematologic malignancies especially for the treatment for plasma cell disorders such as multiple myeloma and amyloidosis. Our group is advancing science through therapeutic clinical trials, help develop immunotherapy, cellular therapy, and collaboration with laboratory scientists to identify novel ways to improve the efficacy of current therapy.

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Staff, Hematology and Medical Oncology
Cleveland Clinic


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