As Northeast Ohio’s NCI-designated cancer center/comprehensive cancer center since 1987, the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center (Case CCC) links all cancer research activities in the region by engaging Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), University Hospitals (UH) and Cleveland Clinic (CC). Case CCC’s impact includes catchment area-related research, with high-profile scientific leadership in tobacco smoking hot-spots that track to lower socioeconomic status, leukemia/MDS genomics, genetic abnormalities in colon cancer-particularly in African Americans, and genetic risk for Barrett’s esophagus. Members also identify therapeutic targets, make drug discoveries, and pursue innovative clinical trials. Case CCC members continue to make high-impact discoveries that form the basis for changes in practice, reflecting a strong cancer research focus with significant patient and community benefit.

The Case CCC is composed of over 400 members, who span 68 departments of the Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, Engineering, Applied Social Sciences, and the College of Arts and Sciences, located at CWRU, UH, CC, and MetroHealth Medical Center.

The research efforts of the Case CCC members are organized into seven interdisciplinary scientific programs. The clinical research effort is supported by 12 Clinical Trials Disease Teams that develop and prioritize clinical trials, and a single Protocol Review and Monitoring System, Data Safety and Monitoring Plan integrate cancer research, cancer therapeutics, and prevention services at the partner institutions and throughout the region.

Our Center's large-scale multi-investigator efforts include the GI Specialized Program of Research Excellence (SPORE)Barrett's Esophagus Translational Research Network (BETRNet), and Ohio Brain Tumor Working Group.