Apply to CWRU SoDM

In accordance with our mission, the Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine seeks outstanding qualified candidates who are committed to building and maintaining a supportive professional and collegial learning environment. Our commitment to this vision is reflected in our ability to recruit, admit, and support a student body that upholds our profession's and society's expectations of integrity and honor to develop fully their technical talents and professional competencies, to lead in innovative approaches to health care delivery, and to inform and advocate for quality care for our diverse patient population.

Successful applicants are uniquely excellent in their pre-professional competencies as evaluated holistically through our admissions process. Minimum expectations of performance are exceeded by our matriculants, who articulate their pre-professional attributes such as respect, integrity and responsibility, initiative and curiosity, creative teamwork and consensus building, dedication to service, cultural acceptance, and self-management. Each matriculant demonstrates these attributes and values in a manner that allows our admissions committee to create a vibrant, engaged, and respectful learning community that advances our ability to educate excellent professionals.