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Timeline and Checklist for Competitive Applicants

This checklist should only be used as a guide to advise you in this process and is a modification of the timeline found at the ADEA GoDental website. Specific items on this checklist may be changed due to institutional policies and processes with the institutions you work with. Completion of and adherence to this checklist should not be construed as a guarantee of admission.

Pre-Applicant Year (Year prior to submitting application)


  • Meet with academic advisors or faculty: plan course schedule for the next year or two (if applicable).
  • Meet with pre-professional or career advisors: identify final opportunities for working in clinical environments or schedule a dedicated community service experience.
  • Budget time and money to prepare for and schedule entrance exam (DAT). Look into AADSAS Fee Reduction Program.
  • Compare CWRU with other dental schools (ADEA Official Guide to Dental Schools) and their past admissions trends. Note any requirements for letters of evaluation.
  • Complete summer undergraduate enrichment or research opportunity (if applicable). Secure academic-year research opportunity.


  • Secure commitment from references. We strongly recommend utilization of an institutional letter of evaluation from your institution's pre-health/pre-dental advisor, an institutional evaluation committee, and/or a post-baccalaureate program director. Ideally, this letter should provide a holistic, contextual, and evidence-based assessment of your academic and preprofessional competencies against a performance standard. If an institutional evaluation is not available, we accept institutional "composite letters" or individual letters submitted through AADSAS, but we require two letters of evaluation from lecturers or professors from your pre-requisite or upper-level science courses or a research supervisor in a scientific discipline whose perspectives provide specific evidence that can address your academic and pre-professional competencies. An additional evidence-based performance evaluation from the perspective of a volunteer or clinical supervisor or mentor is always welcomed. All letters of evaluation should be submitted on professional letterhead, contain verifiable contact information, and have the author's authentic signature.
  • Complete final year of prerequisites (if not already done) and take recommended upper-level coursework. Fulfill commitment to undergraduate research experience (if applicable).
  • Attend recruiting presentations or open houses for target schools. See where CWRU SODM is recruiting, or arrange for a recruiting presentation.
  • Begin drafts of your personal essay and evaluate interviewing skills.
  • Execute your plan to prepare for the entrance exam (DAT).
  • Look into scholarship and loan programs for financing your graduate education (if permanent US resident or citizen).
  • Secure a copy of verified international coursework transcripts (if not permanent US resident or citizen).
  • Find and apply for upcoming summer research or enrichment opportunity. Apply for application-year employment or post-baccalaureate opportunities if graduating/graduated by the end of Pre-Applicant Spring.


  • Get contact information from committed references. Schedule interview with prehealth advisor or committee (if applicable). If re-applying, contact your references to deliver revised letters of evaluation after AADSAS opens.
  • Complete all pre-requisites (if applicable) and successfully take upper-level coursework.
  • Register for and successfully take the entrance exam (DAT). Keep unofficial score report.
  • Keep copy of filed tax forms to prepare for the FAFSA.
  • Prepare for upcoming summer research or enrichment opportunity.
  • Have your final draft of personal essay for AADSAS reviewed by advisors, references, and/or other resources available to you.

Applicant Year (Year before intended matriculation)


  • Submit an early AADSAS application in June. Have all transcripts sent to AADSAS as early as May or after spring grade report from your registrar. Send requests for letters of recommendation to references and/or designated institutional Pre-Dental Advisor/Committee.
  • Apply for AADSAS Fee Reduction Program (if applicable).
  • Submit all appropriate school-specific fees and applications.
  • Prepare for and schedule interviews (if applicable). Purchase an interview outfit. (CWRU SODM interviews begin around mid-August to end of August)
  • Enjoy your summer research or enrichment experience (if applicable). Begin or continue employment or post-baccalaureate opportunity (if applicable).


  • Prepare for and schedule interviews (if applicable). Please notify us early if you wish to cancel your interviews as a courtesy to other applicants. The first round of offers will be sent around December 1st.
  • Finish final coursework (if applicable). Continue employment or post-baccalaureate opportunity (if applicable).
  • Secure final documents for the FAFSA, other scholarships, and for initial deposits.
  • If no interview offers have been extended to you, honestly self-assess and develop an application strategy plan with your available references and/or your pre-health/pre-dental advisor.


  • Prepare for and schedule interviews (if applicable). Please notify us early if you wish to cancel your interviews as a courtesy to other applicants.
  • If accepted, submit deposit and prepare for first year of dental school. As a courtesy to other applicants, please commit to one dental school as soon as you can.
  • Keep up your performance and stay out of trouble. Your offer of acceptance is still conditional on your successful completion of your academic performance and avoidance of any negative factors that can compromise your ability to practice.
  • Submit documents for scholarships and the FAFSA.
  • If you are re-applying, execute re-application strategy as developed. Go back to Applicant Year Summer checklist.

Matriculant Summer

  • Begin Dental School (CWRU begins classes in early August)

Creative Commons cc-by-nc-sa 2011
Adapted from George Mason University Prehealth Advising resources checklist.