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Information for Mentors, Advisors, and References

The Office of Admissions recognizes the critical role pre-health advisors can play when guiding a prospective applicant to consider a lifetime career in the health professions and in preparing and supporting an applicant through a stressful process. Our admissions committee values pre-health advisors and evaluation committees that honestly depict an applicant's strengths and weaknesses in his/her preparation for a career in dentistry under an appropriate holistic content of his/her family background, education, and unique attributes. These evidence-based evaluations from institutional committees help us identify applicants who will succeed in our unique curriculum using our student-support resources who may otherwise go unnoticed in the vast pool of applicants.

As a reflection of our curriculum, the Office of Admissions places high value on identifying future dental health advocates who are comfortable in a highly interactive and collaborative environment with a diverse and close-knit community of professionals, staff, caregivers, and patients. To that end, we expect our successful applicants to have a strong professional but objective relationship with advisors and mentors at the undergraduate or post-baccalaureate level (when applicable and available), and their letters should reflect the depth of this relationship. Effective letters contain detailed accounts and examples that represent the development of the applicant's competencies and maturing pre-professional attributes, especially in elusive traits such as integrity, appropriate learning from mistakes and errors, and consistent success working in highly effective teams.

Please do not hesitate to contact us further if you would like some guidance on your reference letters on behalf of your advisees.

Information for Predental/Prehealth Clubs and Advisors

Visiting Your Campus

The Office of Admissions wants to stay connected with you and other prospective students. One of the best ways to know more about our program and to improve your chances of acceptance is to invite us to present on your campus. We have a recruitment schedule that is often set up to a semester ahead of time.

Our staff is able to organize recruitment presentations for your advisees or predental club members.

Virtual Visits to Your Campus or Your "Home"

Alternatively, our Director of Admissions can arrange free recruitment presentations through Skype or Zoom if you have more flexible plans to schedule programs for your club. These presentations are also placed on our recruitment calendar and arranged on a space-available basis.