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Hepatitis B Vaccines:

3 doses required or positive Hepatitis B.

All FIRST YEAR DENTAL STUDENTS are required by the Dental School to have completed the Hepatitis B Vaccine Immunization Series PRIOR to contact with patients which occurs in the first semester of enrollment. The Hepatitis B Immunization is a series of 3 doses of the vaccine. The entire series takes about 7 months to complete, so if you have not started it yet, you must do so as soon as possible! The second dose is administered 1 month after the first dose. The third dose is administered 5 months after the second dose.  A blood test is then required a minimum of 4-6 weeks after the third dose to determine antibody status (antibodies must be present to protect you against Hepatitis B (the disease) if you are exposed to same.

If you have received Hepatitis B Vaccine the documentation of this vaccine series and all of the additional required immunizations is essential to the meet the vaccine requirements of the Dental School and the University.

Tuberculosis Skin Test (PPD):

2-Step required for first year dental students.

 Refer to Tuberculosis FAQ. If TB testing was done and was positive, a chest x-ray is required and report needs to be submitted. This can be arranged by University Health Service.