Benefits Administration, located in Crawford Hall, is responsible for administering and updating the benefits program. Employees are responsible for selecting and using their benefits prudently and in the most cost-effective manner. Please call 216.368.6964 or e-mail with any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have.


University Hospitals (UH) and Medical Mutual of Ohio are expanding access to high-quality healthcare in Northeast Ohio by announcing that for the first time in more than 20 years all UH facilities and providers will be in the Medical Mutual SuperMed network.

Effective 10/1/17, the following UH facilities will be added to the Medical Mutual SuperMed network:

    • UH Cleveland Medical Center, including MacDonald Women's Hospital
    • UH Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital
    • UH Seidman Cancer Center
    • UH Bedford Medical Center

Please note: this change will impact only those enrolled in the MMO SuperMed Plus PPO plan. Those enrolled in the Medical Mutual CLE-Care HMO will continue to utilize MetroHealth physicians and facilities only.


Greater Circle Living, a program that provides eligible employees of Case Western Reserve University an opportunity to live near work, is offering a guided tour of the best houses and apartments in the Greater University Circle neighborhoods on Friday, August 31. You must register for the tour at


Case Western Reserve University is part of the Tuition Exchange consortium of more than 600 colleges and universities providing tuition scholarships to dependents of benefits eligible university employees. A program overview, along with the application and eligibility forms, are available on the Financial Aid website.


Your time with your doctor is likely to be limited, and you can prepare for the visit in advance by having the questions that are important to you ready. You may want to start by letting your doctor know your personal goal for this appointment (i.e., the main health concern you want to address). Benefits Administration has prepared ten questions that might be helpful for further discussion with your doctor as you make treatment decisions. You can find these questions here.


Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield's contract with LabCorp ( and Quest Diagnostics ( provides laboratory testing services at reduced or no cost to our Anthem health plan participants. Click here to learn more about the program.


Participants in the Benelect medical plans have preventive care services available at no cost. This means no co-payments, deductibles or co-insurance will be applied to these services. View a list of covered services to learn more about this benefit.


Group Medical: Choice of coverage through Anthem (PPO or HDHP), SuperMed Plus (PPO) and MMO CLE-Care HMO (HMO).

Group Dental: Coverage through DenteMax (DPO) and CWRU School of Dental Medicine.

Group Vision: Coverage through VSP and Union Eye Care.

Group Life Basic: $20,000. Premium paid by CWRU. Benefit reduced upon attainment of age 65, and further reduced at 70. Print the Certificate of Coverage for Faculty and Senior Staff (Salary grades 18 and over). Print the Certificate of Coverage for Exempt and Non-exempt Staff (Salary grades 2 - 17).

Group Life Contributory: In multiples of (1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, and 3) annual salary, or $50,000. Cost depends on age and option selected. CWRU shares the premium cost. Benefit reduced upon attainment of age 65, and further reduced at 70.

Long-term Disability: After 6 months of disability, 60 percent of salary, offset by primary Social Security and /or worker's compensation. Minimum benefit of $100 per month; maximum benefit of $6,000 per month. Premium paid by CWRU.

Spending Accounts: Participation in health care/dependent care spending accounts permitting pre-tax payment of eligible expenses.

Eligibility for Benelect enrollment is when employment begins if the start date is on the first business day of the month; otherwise, enrollment begins on the first day of the month following the month in which employment was started. For further information, see the 2017 Benelect Guide.

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After-tax benefits are available through payroll deduction. Voluntary benefits begin on your enrollment date or January 1 and remain in effect for the whole calendar year (except group auto and home).

Auto and Home Insurance: A unique auto and home insurance program for employees offered by MetLife Auto & Home. Inquire by phone at 1.800.438.6388 or visit

Dependent Life Insurance: Two levels of coverage: (1) $5,000 spouse/$1,000 each child, and (2) $10,000 spouse/$2,000 each child. If you and your spouse (equivalent) both work for CWRU you may not elect spouse life insurance and only one of you may elect dependent life insurance for your child(ren).

Legal Services: Hyatt Comprehensive Group Legal Services plan provides legal advice for a wide range of legal matters. Visit a specialized site for CWRU at [password=GetLaw]

Supplemental Long-term Disability: Available through UnumProvident Insurance Company. Call 1.800.282.4656 for enrollment information.

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Access the retirement plans page for additional links.

Plan A (Faculty and Senior Staff salary grades 18 and over): Eligible after one year of service with CWRU or upon employment with at least one year of service from another university or related research institution. Choice of TIAA-CREF or Vanguard for investment vehicles. CWRU contributes 8 percent of your pay up to one-half of the Social Security Taxable Wage Base (SSTWB) and 12 percent of your pay above one-half the SSTWB, up to the IRS maximum annual salary. For the 2013-14 fiscal year, one-half of the SSTWB is $56,850. As of July 1, 2014, one-half of the SSTWB will be $58,500. The opportunity to participate in a tax-deferred and/or after-tax Roth supplemental retirement account with a choice of two investment carriers.

Plan B (Staff salary grades 2 - 17 hired prior to 7/1/2015): Staff are eligible after one year of service with CWRU or upon employment with at least one year of service from another university or related research institution. A monthly retirement pension with an option for a lump sum cash payment for benefits accrued after 7/1/1992. Annual accrual cash balance is based on 7 percent of the employee's earning for the fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). Interest is compounded annually based on the five-year U.S. Treasury Bill rate as of the last trade date in June of the prior fiscal year, with a guaranteed minimum of 6 percent. Benefits vest after three years of service. The opportunity for staff to participate in Plan C, with voluntary contributions into a tax-deferred retirement plan with the university matching a portion of your contribution and/or into an after-tax Roth retirement plan with no university match. On your tax-deferred contributions the university will match 50 percent of your contribution, on (up to) the first 4 percent of your salary.

Non-contributory Plan C (Staff salary grades 2 - 17 hired on or after 7/1/2015): Participants are eligible for this defined contribution plan after one year of service with Case Western Reserve or upon employment with at least one year of service from another university or related research institution. The university contributes monthly based on 6% of your pay into a qualified investment account with one of two investment carriers, TIAA or Vanguard. There are no employee contributions. Benefits vest after three years of service. The opportunity for staff to participate in Plan C, with voluntary contributions into a tax-deferred retirement plan with the university matching a portion of your contribution and/or into an after-tax Roth retirement plan with no university match. On your tax-deferred contributions the university will match 50 percent of your contribution, on (up to) the first 4 percent of your salary.

Social Security: You can retire at any time between age 62 and full retirement age as shown on the Social Security Age Reduction Chart.

Life income for total permanent disability. Lump sum payment on death. Monthly income for qualified survivors. Medical benefits at age 65 or upon retirement, whichever is later.

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Eligible after 20 weeks of covered employment if laid off or terminated without cause. Compensation is paid for up to 26 weeks based on number of dependents and previously covered work.

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Compensation and medical expenses are covered for on-the-job injury or death.

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Coverage while traveling on university business for a maximum of $100,000 for accidental death or dismemberment. Additional travel insurance coverage while traveling abroad on university business for a maximum of $250,000 for accidental death and dismemberment. Foreign travelers-assistance services are for medical, personal, hospitalization or evacuation, and security. Two weeks before traveling out of the States, e-mail in Risk Management with the traveler's name, destination, dates of travel in each country and purpose of trip.

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Leaves of Absence: LOA for medical (personal medical, family medical, and parenting reasons, FMLA can be compensated or uncompensated); Convenience; military; personal; or jury duty. Refer to Absence and Leaves for Personal Medical, Family Medical, and Parenting Reasons Policy IV-8 for further details.

Short-Term Disability (Nonexempt and Exempt Staff): Staff are eligible after 90 days of service. After 14 days of disability, benefit pays 50 percent of salary up to a maximum of $400 per week. Premium paid by CWRU.

Sick Time : Days can be used for personal medical. Up to eight days per year can be used for family medical, bereavement, and parenting reasons. Unused income protection is not paid upon termination of employment. Unused allowance accrues from year to year. See the Income Protection During Absence for Personal Medical, Family Medical, and Parenting Reasons (Benefit Categories 2, 3) Policy IV-10 for further details.

University Holidays: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, a personal floating holiday, and two additional university holidays; one near Christmas and one near New Year's Day, depending on the day of the week on which the two main holidays fall. University holidays are listed in the HR Calendar.

Vacation Time : Eligible to use earned discretionary days after successful completion of the employment orientation period. Staff employees accrue discretionary days monthly and may use them after the days accrue at any point during the fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). Unused earned discretionary days can also be carried over to the next fiscal year. The maximum amount of discretionary days that can be carried over cannot exceed an employee's maximum annual allowance and must be used within the next fiscal year. Unused discretionary days are paid upon termination of employment. See the Vacation Days Policy IV-6 for further details.

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Refer to the Education page for further details.

Tuition Waiver: You and your dependent children are eligible upon employment, your spouse (equivalent) after one year of employment. Refer to the HR Policies and Procedures Manual for further details.

Tuition Reimbursement: Employees only may receive up to $2,500 per year for work related courses at a degree-granting institution other than CWRU. Refer to the HR Policies and Procedures Manual for further details.

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The Center for Families and Children offers voluntary, private and confidential counseling and community resources for employees and family members to help identify problems and develop plans for resolution. Refer to the Employee Assistance Program page for further details.

Employee Assistance Service (EASE): Concerns may include: personal issues, depression, anxiety, marital matters, divorce adjustment and options, chemical dependency and abuse, parenting issues, work-related stress, legal and financial questions. Call the Center for Families and Children 216.241.EASE [3273].

Elder Care Resources and Referral Services: Elder Care Counselors can help you: recognize when an older relative needs help, care for older relatives from a distance, talk to parent who may resist help, understand and locate housing options. Call the Center for Families and Children 216.241.3273.

Child Care Resources: The Child Care Specialists at EASE can offer information on how to evaluate the quality of child care programs or providers, consultation and education on child development and parenting issues, written information and practical tools such as booklets, checklist and guides. Call 216.241.3273.

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Greater Circle Living - An Incentive to Live Near Work: Program offering financial benefits to CWRU employees in the form of one of the following: (1) down payment assistance for the purchase of a primary residence within the specified geographic area; (2) a grant to be used towards exterior renovations to an existing primary residence within the specified geographic area; or, (3) a one-month rental reimbursement that can be applied at designated apartment buildings within the specified geographic area.

CaseOneCard: Allows employees to charge items purchased through various campus dining facilities, bookstore, and vending machines. Purchases are then deducted from your paycheck. Call Access Services for more details 216.368.2724.

RTA Commuter Advantage Plan: When monthly RTA passes are purchased through your CaseOneCard, the charge is deducted pretax from your paycheck. Call Access Services at 216.368.2273 or visit them at Crawford Hall, lower level. Contact Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority for routes and schedules.

Sprint PCS Wireless Service: In addition to faculty and staff business plans, discounts are available to all employees for personal use .

Dell: Substantial discounts on computers, printers, PDAs, digital cameras, TVs and other technology products . Use the member ID number displayed.

Apple: From computers to MP3 players, Apple can accessorize your computing experience. If you are buying an Apple computer for use on campus, please choose models that are "10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet" ready. With this specification, you can achieve optimal computing on the CWRU network.

Employee Discount Program: Human Resources has tried to be sure that the discount information is accurate, but the final decisions about what programs are available to whom, rest with the people who manage those programs. Phone numbers, e-mail or web addresses are provided with most items. Employee Discount Program Page

After School Childcare Discount: Case Western families enjoy 10% tuition savings with the largest network of early childhood education programs in the U.S.  All your choices include a proven curriculum, hands-on learning, trained teachers, and convenient locations. 

Centers: More than 2,000 full-time and before- and after-school childcare locations across the United States. The tuition savings is available at participating KinderCare Education at Work locations including the Cleveland Children’s Academy, KinderCare® Learning Centers, and Champions® Before- and After-School Programs.

Fees: 10% tuition savings towards standard weekly tuition rates for Case Western employees. This tuition savings is available for children of all ages now including KinderCare and Champions.  Tuition rates and operating hours vary by center.  Contact the center directly for specific program information, to check participation, space availability and to schedule a tour. When contacting a childcare center, mention that you are a Case Western employee and request to begin receiving the Case Western Tuition Savings. 

Contact: To find a location near your home or office, please visit



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Campus Recreation: Veale Recreation Center offers various recreational facilities for employees use at no cost other than annual locker fees. Call 216.368.2867 for more information.

One-to-One Fitness is located on campus, this center offers a full range of fitness activities. Monthly fees are discounted if paid through payroll deduction. Call 216.368.1121.

Squire Valleevue Farm: This Hunting Valley farm is used for scientific studies, education and recreation for students and employees. Call 216.368.0275.

Discount Ticket Sales: Access Services offers discount tickets for various recreational activities such as movie theaters and theme parks. Call 216.368.2724.